Sunday, December 6, 2015


Mom: Elise, your hair looks so pretty!
Elise: You hair not look pretty, Nonny (Mommy).

Jr Primary has been really rough and crazy the last few weeks, and today my plans weren't working. I was flustered and ad-libbing when this happened.
Sis. Casaday: We've been singing a lot of Christmas songs. Why do we even care about Christmas?
Unidentified child: Presents!

One of Elise's new favorite words is "actually." (It's funny and sometimes scary to see what Brian and I must say a lot based on what words and phrases she starts saying. We're not sure where she picked up "oh gosh" though.)
Elise (on potty): Need toilet paper.
Mom: Did you pee in the potty?
Elise: Um, actually, I didn't.

Mom: Elise, take one more big drink before we go upstairs.
Elise: *gulp* One. *gulp* Two. *gulp* Three. *gulp* Four!

Other favorite phrases are "not really" and "a little ____." For example...
Mom: Elise, did you poop?
Elise: Um, not really.

Elise (looking at plate of food): It's hot.
Dad: Is it?
Elise: Um, no, a little warm.

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